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Recovery for Life Vol. I
Recovery for Life is a workbook for people who are ready to move beyond the effects of their mental illnesses and emotional challenges.  You can use this recovery workbook to create personal plans for beginning a recovery journey.

Learn more about:   Defining Recovery, Choosing Recovery, Developing New Interests, Overcoming Obstacles, Finding a Healthy Spirituality, Setting Boundaries, Managing Stress, Selecting Goals, Preventing Relapse and Fine Tuning Your Program. 

Welcome To Your Recovery For Life Group (PDF)- These pages will help you understand what the Recovery for Life program is and provides helpful information for participating in a Recovery for Life group in your community.

Recovery for Life Vol. II
Recovery for Life II is a workbook for those who have completed Recovery for Life I and are ready for more information and support especially, around the concept of personal boundaries.  RFL II is a 10-chapter recovery workbook and each lesson relates to personal boundaries. 

Learn more about:   Defining Personal Boundaries, Choosing Health, Relationships, Goal Setting, Giving and Receiving, Gratitude, Deciding to Be OK, Happiness and Well Being, Living Well on Limited Income, and Care of the Environment.

Recovery Journal
The Recovery Journal is another tool that SC SHARE offers to help people make progress in their lives.  The Recovery Journal was written to be used as a topic guide for people who were meeting in continuing support groups.  The participants in Recovery for Life groups wanted to continue meeting after finishing that ten-week course.  There are 26 topics in the Journal, making it a resource for one year's worth of meeting topics. 

The Recovery Journal can also be used as a personal guided journal.  It offers a brief writing about a recovery topic and then asks a question to help you consider your progress in that particular area of life.  Whether you would like to use it to add substance to a support group or as a personal recovery tool, consider giving it a try.

WRAP (English)
The Wellness Recovery Action Plan was developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, MA, MS who is a nationally noted author and educator.  The WRAP workbook teaches you how to take the action to keep yourself well, to identify and monitor your symptoms and to use simple, safe skills, supports, and strategies to reduce or eliminate symptoms.  It is not meant to replace, but to complement professional health care and medications.  

Learn more about: How to create your own wellness toolbox and WRAP plan.

Click here to view and print our flyer telling you more about what a WRAP Plan is.
Please visit the official WRAP website to purchase materials from Mary Ellen Copeland.

Wellness Action Recovery Plan (WRAP)

Recovery Planner (English) FREE DOWNLOAD
This Recovery Planner is a quick and easy “workbook” that helps you think through some of your goals and areas you need help in.  This booklet focuses on Change, Positive Self-Talk, Physical Health, Emotional/Mental Wellness, Stress, Substance Use, Living Space, Money, Down Time, Employment/Volunteer work, Education/Training, Relationships, Legal Issues, Spirituality, and Daily Routine.

As you begin this workbook we encourage you to work with a Mentor, case manager, doctor, or a trusted supporter. If you share it with the people who are helping you with your treatment plan, it will help you get the services and support you need to work on your recovery goals.

Recovery Planner (Spanish) FREE DOWNLOAD
Este planificador de recuperación es un "Cuaderno de ejercicios" rápidamente y bastante fácil que te ayuda estudiar algunos de tus problemas y te ayuda se acordar de qué ya tienes tú y qué necesitarás conseguir in order resolver estos problemas tú. ¿Después de que tú lo escribes, qué ocurre?

Tú puedes decidir compartirlo con tu equipo de trato, director de caso, doctor, o whomever tú escoges. Si tú lo compartes con las personas que te están ayudando con tu plan de trato, te ayudará conseguir los servicios y el soporte que tú necesitas para trabajar en tu recuperación.

Recovery Planner Espanol

Integrated Treatment 101
We realize that Integrated Treatment is a relatively new development. Co-occurring Disorders are very common among clients with substance use and serious mental illness. As a professional it is important to know how to work with BOTH mental illness and substance use. We believe that professionals should learn the basic skills to promote recovery. It is essential for clients who are impaired by both disorders to get the same message to avoid problems seen with other models.

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Integrated Treatment 101 a workbook for Co-occurring Disorders