"...recovery is a journey of healing and transformation."

About Us

Advocacy means to defend or maintain a cause. Advocacy is literally “giving voice to” a cause. People who have mental illnesses often find that they have little to no voice in the causes that affect their lives. People in recovery have many needs that require a voice; therefore, advocacy is an issue of great interest to us at SC SHARE. We are involved in all levels of advocacy, from helping a consumer access services to influencing legislation about mental health issues. Bonnie Pate, Executive Director of SC SHARE, works in advocacy on a daily basis. Take a look at her recommendations for ways and places to get involved in advocacy.

Bonnie’s Top Ten Advocacy Opportunities

  • NAMI
  • SC State Planning Council
  • PAIMI (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness)
  • Council Legislators and Senators in South Carolina
  • Newspaper, Radio, and Television
  • State Agencies (SCDMH, SCDHHS, SCDVR)
  • SC House and Senate Ways and Means Committees
  • Local Mental Health Governing Boards
  • Various Consumer Groups

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