"...recovery is a journey of healing and transformation."

About Us
About Us

SC SHARE is the only statewide mental health consumer run non-profit organization of its kind in South Carolina. The organization is open to anyone who has a mental illness, substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder.

Mission and Vision:
  1. We believe that hope is the driving force of recovery, therefore the mission of SC SHARE, a mental health organization, is to promote recovery principles for the people of South Carolina suffering from mental illness, substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder.
Core Values:
  • Education: Developing and discovering the skills, knowledge and awareness to cultivate the recovery process in a supportive environment.
  • Choice: Making informed, responsible decisions to empower the recovery process.
  • Growth: Advancing and becoming in the recovery process by discovering your highest potential.
  • Hope: The driving force to believe in the recovery process and the expectations for changes.
  • Support: Being there to assist and encourage in the recovery process.
  • Wellness: A positive state of recovery that leads to wholeness of mind, body and spirit.
  • Community awareness and understanding: Education in the community that improves the public perception of mental illness, substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder and promotes recovery.
  • Responsibility: Accepting ownership and accountability for self in the recovery process.
  • Empowerment: having the tools, knowledge, skills and courage to grow, discover and proceed in recovery.
How it started:
  1. SC SHARE began in 1985 with a small group of people who had the hope that they could make a difference in the lives of people who lived with mental illness, substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder. These innovators formed the organization we call SC SHARE and began self help support groups across the state. Over 60 groups have come and gone in our history. As needs and trends changed, some self-help support group members wanted more direction and guidance for living a life of recovery. In an effort to adapt to the needs of its members, SC SHARE developed a program called Recovery for Life: Helping Others Help Themselves.

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