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I.C. HOPE is an adorable, bright-yellow, fluffy duck, I.C. HOPE wears a band-aid on his head to show that mental illnesses are real and treatable. The life preserver around his neck demonstrates that each life is worth saving. I.C. HOPE carries a message of hope for those suffering with mental illnesses.

Utilizing an age-appropriate curriculum, the I.C. HOPE program conducts presentations in area schools to educate students about mental illnesses, take care of their mental health. The Kindergarten to 6th grade curriculum uses a book review format combined with classroom discussion and hands-on activities like puppet making to learn about issues, such as anger, bullying, grief and stress.

The I.C. HOPE program reinforces a positive health messages in a non-threatening atmosphere, as well as connecting those exposed to the campaign to services and resources in their community.

The I.C. Hope program is a creative and ingenious communications vehicle for engaging individuals and communities in dialogue about mental illnesses.

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