"...recovery is a journey of healing and transformation."

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In 1998 SC SHARE began advocating the concept of recovery to consumers and staff members throughout the mental health system in South Carolina.  For years the substance abuse field had operated from the assumption that everyone was capable of recovery, and SC SHARE drew from the strength and hope in that field as we developed a plan to redesign SC SHARE   The new leadership at SC SHARE sought to change the outlook of a diagnosis of mental illness to one of life and hope through recovery. 

A national search was undertaken and we found that there was no simple, uncomplicated introduction to the very basics of recovery principals for mental health consumers.  With financial assistance from a Federal Consumer Network Grant, we at SHARE wrote and published the workbook, Recovery for Life, Helping Others Help Themselves.   Recovery for Life is a ten lesson workbook that introduces consumers to the concepts of mental health recovery, taking responsibility, making healthy choices, developing boundaries, spirituality, and other topics.  The book was introduced into the SC mental health system in September 2001, and since that time we have trained over 4500 consumers and staff at no cost to the participants.   SC SHARE considers Recovery for Life our signature program as it advances the belief that people with mental illnesses can and do live meaningful lives in recovery. 

The Recovery for Life Workbook is used in a group format with a recovering consumer facilitating the group as participants discover new life and hope in recovery. With the financial assistance of the Federal Block Grant, SC SHARE has been able to compensate consumer leader of groups $25 per lesson, with the annual compensation for the group leaders running approximately $18,000 per year.  For some consumers, this is the first income they have earned and have now developed a sense of self worth and motivation to move forward. Many leaders and participants of the groups have moved on and become Certified Peer Support Specialists within the mental health system and are billing for these groups and other services through Medicaid. 

Recovery for Life, II was developed and introduced in 2005 at the request of consumer leaders. The new leaders have been trained and groups have begun with the same financial compensation to group leaders. SHARE is now offering training on five recovery tools; Recovery for Life I and II, Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), Dual Recovery, as well as the new Recovery Planner.