"...recovery is a journey of healing and transformation."

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Yes! We are the source for mental health, substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder recovery education in South Carolina. Our desire to deliver education about life in recovery led us to develop our signature programs Recovery For Life I and Recovery For Life II. Many of the workshops offered are free and the others are offered at minimal cost to the participants.

We believe that the SC SHARE educational workshops:
  • Increases your understanding of your mental illness, substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder
  • Introduces you to new coping skills
  • Gives you information about how to access new resources
  • Helps you to become fully engaged in your own recovery
  • Helps you to become your own self advocate
  • Helps you to understand the need for a partnership with your service providers
Most of our workshops are held in Columbia, SC. Upon request, we do travel to local communities so please call us for more information: (803) 739-5712.

10 Recovery Concepts
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Recovery For Life I
Recovery For Life is a program for people who are ready to move beyond the effects of their mental illnesses, substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder and emotional challenges. Participants use a recovery workbook to create personal plans in a supportive environment. A peer leader, who has already begun a personal recovery, facilitates these group sessions. The program consists of ten recovery lessons which are: Defining Recovery, Choosing Recovery, Developing New Interests, Overcoming Obstacles, Finding a Healthy Spirituality, Setting Boundaries, Managing Stress, Selecting Goals, Preventing Relapse and Fine Tuning Your Program.

Recovery For Life II
Recovery For Life II is a program that was developed based on the requests of consumers who had completed Recovery For Life I. These consumers who had made great strides in their recoveries were ready for more information and support especially around the concept of personal boundaries. Recovery For Life II is a 10-chapter workbook and each lesson relates personal boundaries to a particular recovery concern. Like RFL I this program is taught by a peer leader who is in recovery. The lessons in RFL II are Defining Personal Boundaries, Choosing Health, Relationships, Goal Setting, Giving and Receiving, Gratitude, Deciding to Be OK, Happiness and Well Being, Living Well on Limited Income, and Care of the Environment.

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or WRAP, was developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, MA, MS who is a noted author and educator. WRAP teaches you how to keep yourself well, to identify and monitor your symptoms and to use simple, safe skills, supports, and strategies to reduce or eliminate symptoms. It is not meant to replace, but to complement professional health care and medications.

Visit our Calendar for more information on when the next workgroup will be held. Other workshops topics include:

Recovery Planner
Conflict Management
Health-Filled Relationships
Public Speaking
Dual Diagnosis

See our calendar for dates and times for upcoming events and workshops.
Recovery is a Journey!