"...recovery is a journey of healing and transformation."

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Offering hope and recovery to people with mental illness

YES! People in South Carolina are recovering from mental illness.

Recovery at SC SHARE means that people can and do regain meaning and purpose in their lives even though they have a mental illness. This recovery philosophy is the foundation for all of our activities and resources.

SC SHARE Scheduled Workshops - See Calendar

Learning to Relax, April 24th at 10am

Learning to Relax Workshop: Fiday, April 24th 10am - 2pm

Ride 4 SPMI: May 1 – 4, 2015

May 1 – 4, 2015

Ride 4 SPMI is a 4 day bike ride to raise awareness for
Severe and Persistent Mental Illness.
We aim to get people moving, talking, listening and riding in the name of rehabilitation, resiliency, and recovery.
People can and do recover!

The ride is from Charleston to Spartanburg. Lloyd welcomes you to join him. The money raised will go to support Lloyd sharing his recovery story and spreading hope to those in South Carolina.

For more information view the FLYER and check out the website www.RIDE4SPMI.org

Certified Peer Support Specialist Training
For more information
call Bonnie at (803) 739-5712.

SC SHARE is hosting a Certified Peer Support Specialist Training

New Information from SC SHARE
New Information from SC SHARE

Recovery for Life Small Group Meeting

This Recovery Small Group:
> Helps you better understand mental health and wellness
> Helps give you new coping skills
> Gives you information about how to access new resources
> Helps you to become fully engaged in your own recovery
> Helps you to become your own self advocate
> Helps you to understand the need for a partnership with your service providers
> Helps you connect with others who understand what you are going through

Come get some extra support every Thursday at 10:30am - 12:30pm at the SC SHARE office. The workbook is FREE!

National Institute of Mental Health - Transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illness through research

Recovery - What it is - What it isn't - What it can be

The Benefit Bank of South Carolina - A program of the SC Office of Rural Health - Connecting Communities Providing Resources